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1100 Miles

1100 Miles is a poetic journey following Taogoi, a young woman with no prior backpacking experience, while she walks from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. This grand, grueling voyage helped her work through past traumas, including sexual assault and deaths in the family, all while capturing her experiences through poetry. Follow her journey to find self acceptance and peace in her micro-poems and experience the discovery of falling in love with glory of wild landscapes.

Don't be fooled by their concision, each piece packs a punch and forces the reader to mull over its meaning and depth. Each poem represents the feelings and processing that took place during the constant pushing of her body and mind. Follow Taogoi's six month journey as she walks, searches, and questions everything in an attempt to understand herself, her world and come to peace with her past. After rummaging through painful memories and constant rejection, is she ready to welcome a new healthier chapter?


Meet The Team



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Allie Donaldson, aka Taogoi, is our author and hiker. After her grandmother died, she decided she would go long distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. Having never backpacked before, she decided to document the extraordinary experience through poetry and found The Art Of Getting Over It; Taogoi. Her experiences in life had no chance to compare to learning the lessons of the trail; pushing through pain and having to grow up fast in the Snowpocalypse of 2019. 


Abby Folsom

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Abby Folsom does the illustrating for Taogoi. She loves to play in all sorts of mediums and subjects, and has found focus with the upcoming book, doing black and white linework. Becoming a part of this project has helped her grieve and be more at peace with losing her sister in 2018. On her website, you can order custom hydro flasks, prints, postcards and more!

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