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Growing up in a town-quickly turning city, Taogoi itched for an adventure that broke away from her concrete normal. After her grandmother passed away in 2018, she came to the conclusion that since life is short, why not walk the Mojave Desert when you feel like you're drowning? 

Armed with a dream, adaptability, and no backpacking experience, she starts off at the border of Mexico. While hiking 1100 miles Taogoi tackles coping with past traumas, losing service during a medical emergency, battling high snow in the Sierra Nevada’s with whiteouts forcing camp at 12,500ft, and a bit of heart break to round it all out.

Take this book along your own daring adventures to help remind you:

There’s an art to getting over it.

Featured in 
Campfire Stories: Volume II

Meet the Artist: Abby

Allie "Taogoi" Donaldson

Allie, aka Taogoi, is our poet and author. After years of struggling with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), her grandmother dying pushed her into a deep depression. She decided she would try long distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail,  having never backpacked before. Hiking and writing poetry under the name Taogoi, she learned some hard lessons of the trail; from pushing through white outs and processing over 10 years of trauma along the way. 

The blog she maintains on the site is about the process of healing through physical and creative outlets.

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Abby Folsom

Abby Folsom does the illustrating for Taogoi. She loves to play in all sorts of mediums and subjects, and has found focus with the upcoming book, doing black and white linework. Becoming a part of this project has helped her grieve and be more at peace with losing her sister in 2018. On her website, you can order custom hydro flasks, prints, postcards and more!

  • Image by Anna Kolosyuk
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