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Writing again

Thought I might share a little bit of where Abby's at in the artist's adventure as I've been devoting much of my free time to career planning and next move dreaming once I complete my college degree. I recently began to work on a project that involves me going to all my favorite spots and lookouts in Washington state and bringing my painting kit with me, spotting the best locations for tutorial teaching. I plan to buy a tascam to record the sounds of the outdoors and film myself painting a tutorial made specifically for that chosen location. My plan is to upload these videos to my already activated but thus far abandoned Youtube channel. These Youtube videos would be titled with the location and in the description box, the coordinates to reach it so anyone can access these locations. I want to make scannable QR codes that can be placed on artistic goods like buttons or rocks to place either in geocaching locations or around the state at markets (by marketing the actual paintings or prints) or through online shopping. My goal is to archive these gorgeous spots that we have in our beautiful state, encouraging people to explore more outdoors and hopefully move into the stage of my career where I have the means to travel this gorgeous Earth, sharing the colors and essences of the sights and homes along the way through detailed paintings.

The show is beginning and I'm spending time each day carefully planning out the set-up neccesary for the supplies to take to the wilderness with me as well as downloading the proper apps and navigation gear to connect the painting spots with local geocaches. I'm excited because I've been daydreaming about ways to get out and interact with the Earth in a fun and relaxing way- and this seems to be a perfect adventure for those two desires. I'm eager to start the setup now because its cold (snowing, here, in Washington) and I dream of going outside, but cannot at the moment. This is a good outlet and project I can work on in the meantime.

How do you handle the cold? I find it hard to want to do anything but sleep and watch movies. I make myself warm by the fire and get all the food and hot beverages I desire, but get so cabin feverish. I dream of summer time with paddleboarding and volleyball, instead of blistering winds and worrying about getting to work at all. Stay safe out there guys, drive slow and remember exists so you don't have to drive to the library.

Much love


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