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Women creators! We LOVE and need them.

Today is August 8th, tomorrow will mark the 3 year anniversary of my sister‘s death by suicide. We began our childhoods together by creating art, she was the one that introduced me to painting and art making. I wanted to share a piece of poetry she wrote in during her time at Western Washington University, and see what it stirs within you.

Charisma isn't a sin; Why I exist

I was given the Earth because I was good, god determined I was allowed to relish in the flowers and the clouds because I am a born teacher.

The only important things taken from you are the ones you have written down. Don't worry, I'll forgive you if you forget me.

From my eyes, I hope you take my sideways glance

a love letter waiting to meet yours. Graves hold memories that we will never understand, try not to let that bother you.

In the cover of night I've been creeping through windows and unlocking doors to see where the morning finds me, most surprisingly

I have not been stopped, leaving me to ponder why the doors were locked at all.

Gifts are given and not meant to be returned, a smile is goodness.

I just wanted to share about women creators and teachers and how much influence they have on us. My life and philosophy of living has been taught by my ancestors and living creators to be tender and caring with the earth and to give back what it gives to you. We are all brothers and sisters of the creatures on this planet and we have an opportunity to create a more beautiful life for those of us that come after our time. Women creators have a unique power, we can share from our side of life and our values can take a new life in our communities when we share them through our voices or our creations. The more dialogue we have from people from all walks of life, the more rich our experience of life will be. We need women creators to expand our horizons. I believe my sister was part of a type of people called to effect the future through their actions and their creations. We would love to see a birth of poetry writers, art makers and community shakers and we start with the women we love.

what are you called to create?

how can you get it out into the world?

love you all,


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