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we’re happy being proud of who we are.

Because it involves positive feelings about yourself, pride is a very difficult thing to talk about because we receive messages of inadequacy throughout our lives from people we live with or from our TVs and advertisers, in order to create a need that needs to be filled by purchasing lots and lots of products.

I’m just sitting in my room after day of hard work at my job, and I realize that I don’t work tomorrow and my first activity isn’t until noon so I have hours to do personal reflection and I call this practice personal purging, so I’m going to sit down with a journal or my Google docs and just take inventory of where I am in my life and check in on my goals and my development and figure out from where I am today where I need to go.

Because life changes so frequently I think we need to reevaluate our situation, our predicament on a regular basis, in order to stay balanced. I am very excited to do the personal purge because it helps me feel like I’m moving faster along my life path, because sometimes I feel unsuccessful and or behind schedule, almost like I’ve missed the boat, so if I spend time weekly readjusting and getting closer and learning from my actions I can feel more fulfilled and like I’m doing the gritty and exciting work of becoming my best self.

Some things I take a look at in this personal purge include thoughts and feelings about my romantic goals, my social goals, my intellectual goals, my financial goals and my recreational or fun goals. I think making a vision board is tremendously helpful for bringing out the best in your life, to create a work of art that reflects what you want to be proud of in your life.

I think it’s important to remember that this becoming of yourself without input from society and those who expect you to be something takes effort, how pride in one’s self is a reflection of what you hold value in. If you value something I think you have to attend to it because without the attentive and prolonged dedication to this particular thing, it wouldn’t be a consistent value for you.

You can be one of the things you value dearly in life and take efforts to protect, nurture, cherish and celebrate ! You are worthy of being proud of who you were made to be, and you are certainly welcome to change and adapt your life as much as you want, as a sculptor makes small changes to create a large piece, you are the same!

Happy being proud of who you are month!!

We’re so enjoying the sunshine and getting outdoors while remembering to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated! What fun adventures are you all up to out there? Comment with some of your stories, we love to hear from you!!

Look for Allie’s blog post next week and have fun out there

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