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Valentine's Past

Welcome to the first Valentines blog I have ever done! Since this is my first Valentines having this website, I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some of my favorite, sauciest poems. I am single now and have not been so in 8 years. It’s a new experience for me and I am really proud of myself for how much love I have. I get to experience how much love I have, and it’s been long overdue.

To turn all the love I’ve given

Out, back inwards is

A task I’m ready for.

I do require some love.

I’m great at loving unconditionally.

Time for me to float

Down the river of

Self love.

I won’t forget the champagne!


One thing to keep in mind while you read, is that some of my relationships have not always been healthy. Love should always be worth both sides of the coin, there will always be ups and downs to any relationship. Sometimes those intense ups are not worth the crashing downs. Each one of these poems helped me to process and grow in so many different ways. I love myself more and more, because I am not afraid to love and have feelings. I am afraid to not feel anything at all, again. Feeling means you are alive while feeling nothing makes you wish you were already dead.

I think of your skin on mine…

Hot, sweaty, soft, and smooth

We show the world the true

Meaning of passion.

As we love under the spotlight

Of the moon, we’re watched by the

Stars in a crowded sky

Waking up to incredible,

Incredibly beautiful sunrises.

I’m captivated by these

Fabulous natural wonders,

You find new appreciation

Through me, I captivate you.

I see it in your solar eclipse eyes.

Passion, love… Lust.

You make me feel as if I drip gold,

Not the sweat and dirt of reality.

Make poetry to me.

Inspire me with ecstasy.


With everything I've learned to say

You still leave me



Prepare for this next one, it's even got a title. It's real spicy. I was going to leave it as a newsletter exclusive, but it had such positive review when I read it on a instagram live with PackPoetry! I