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The Goals of TAOGOI

We all have goals, especially when a new year begins. Only, this new year hasn't felt very new at all. Masks are still required, people are still using politics as personalities (politics are about ideas, not personality traits), and morale has been generally low for everyone. With life being dreary and just kind of miserable in recent years, I've been coming up with new goals for Taogoi; bringing a little bit of beauty and inspiration to those who are struggling. We can all use a little inspiration!

Big bruise on the left shoulder of Taogoi with a goofy smile
Me and my stupid face

1100 Miles was all about my healing journey from past traumas that were continuously haunting me since I turned 15. I gave myself enough time and space to let my mind process all the terrible things I've survived. I hiked to match the pain I was feeling inside to my body, which helped more than words can describe. Putting my poetry that I wrote while hiking the PCT into a book is my way of showing others who are struggling that they can get through it. People like to say "You should get over that by now" and other unhelpful things to those struggling with their survival from horrible things, so I wanted to showcase that there is absolutely an art to getting over it. It just takes time and dedication.

I was a guest the other day on "Shit We Do Outdoors Podcast", it is the first podcast I've ever been a part of and it was great! I got to tell my poop story (quite the doozy) and got to chat it up with a south bounder from the class of 2021. Her name is Monica and you can find her podcast on spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts! Expect our episode to air around March/April! Go check her out! Who could get enough of silly things us long distance hikers get into?!

We just launched our online shop!! Now

you can purchase your copy of 1100 Miles and some awesome stickers that you can stick on your favorite things, from phone cases, laptops, water bottles, and of course, your bear can! Bear cans are not complete without stickers. It's the rule. Don't look at me like that, I didn't make the rule, but I sure as heck follow it! We are also getting some pins in, some cool swag you can wear on your work attire, from aprons to vests! So don't forget to check them out on our shop tab!

With love,


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