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Summer Time Plans

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Here in Western Washington, we have finally getting into the swing of Summer! The weather recently has reflected what we typically get in April. We're known for not getting a lot of sun, but when it's gone for over 9 months, oh boy do we feel it. I've even been going outside to drink my morning coffee before I clock in. I've missed this. On trail, I had was spoiled with waking up in beautiful places with calm mornings and warm drinks. I would put a chocolate Breakfast Essentials in my coffee, something extra to make it more like a mocha.

Amazing news, I am beginning a book tour around Northwester part of Washington State with the incredible Christine Reed, the author of the amazing book 'Alone in Wonderland'! Both Christine and I plan to attend PCT Days this year, so you can also meet us there! :)

Since my hike in 2020, I grew rather paranoid about putting my whereabouts out on the internet. I've been threatened by my ex on multiple occasions, like burning down my house with my cats inside, and after a particularly nasty night with him, I was petrified. At least, I was until my good friend called me up, asking if I'd been of FB recently. She informed me about a nasty message he left on a Taogoi FB post. I blocked him over a year ago on my personal account, and it's been over a year and a half since we interacted through messenger. So, I can't help but wonder, what set him off to write something so horrid and hurtful?

The comment was actually rather tame and light compared to what he has drunkenly said to me, let alone when he was enraged. I found it absolutely hilarious! He was just off like "You're just a gold digger," (I dated his homeless ass for 2 years...), "You're poetry sucks, always has. It's like it was written by a fifth grader" (later on he calls me a 'lyer'. *chefs kiss*), and other things he thought would hurt my feelings. It was nasty, and then quickly deleted. I guess he took it down right away. Like I said, I found it funny about mildness of the message was to me.

I realized something; I don't care what he thinks of me and my work. I understand why I was afraid of him, but now it seems kind of silly. I refuse to let someone like that keep me down, silent, or invisible. My story is my own, beautiful mess to make. I don't need validation from anyone, especially not from someone who is still trying to establish some kind of control over me. The last line of his comment was "see you at PCT Days". I take this as a threat, and not an empty one at that. But you know what? I'm tired of living my life in fear of the things I cannot control. If I see him there, the only thing I want to do is dismiss him. I want nothing to do with him. He can live his life as a drunken vagabond if he wants, I couldn't care less.

This is growth, the entire idea behind Taogoi is growing unashamed. It's not easy to get over something, but when that feeling of accomplishment washes over you like goosebumps, you known you're doing it right. Life is exciting if you let it, and I'm doing my best to let the good times roll.

Stay tuned for book tour info!


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