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Reward yourself

Well, my birthday was last week. I have been having this weird feeling for quite a while about turning 27. Like I’ll feel more confident in who I am and I was right. I’ve been paving a future for me that is a bit more balanced. I’ve gone from having only what I can fit into a backpack to carry for months at a time to purchasing a brand new car!

I never thought I’d be the type to go for a brand new car as my first major purchase, but this has everything I wanted, plus it is covered for 3 years no matter what! I didn’t want to go for something so extravagant at first but my sister went with me. She is very much a luxurious person, so she made the point that if I’m going into debt, I might as well get exactly what I want and not compromise. So I went for what I thought I would regret not getting, a Bronco Sport!

I feel like I’ve caught up to everyone around me; I now have my first credit card and my first car that wasn’t a total beater. I loved my ‘96 Subaru Legacy (named Becky), but she was having a new problem every month. I couldn’t be having the worry of her breaking down out on a trailhead any longer. She is officially retired! We have gone on many trips together but it is time for a change and that has been the theme of 2021 for me; New. Whether it was new things or new experiences, I was going to go with new this year, so it was only fitting.

Speaking of new experiences, I actually have a boudoir shoot tomorrow!! I’ve always wanted to have one done but didn’t really know how to go about it and then I stumbled across this ad from All Things Boudoir, then I won a free photo session! I’m so excited, I’m getting my hair done, shaving (big deal for me haha), and have to plan out exactly what goes with what tonight!

So, if you haven’t rewarded yours for getting through life and all it’s hardships, think about what you want that will make you happy to have for years to come. It’s important to treat yourself like the amazing individual you are!! All Things Boudoir is national, so take a look at their website to see if that’s something you want for yourself because any time in your life can be your prime if you want it to be.

I hope you all have the chance to treat yourself this Fall. After all, Autumn is all about change.

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