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Rebirth for the earth

July‘s theme is centered around conservation and how we can protect the natural beauty that is all around us on planet earth and that we encourage you to get into and play in!

So I’ve been pondering a lot lately about climate change as a serious threat and what actions I can take to at least try to fight to make a change and I’m going to discuss here how you as an individual can do that too!! We love our planet and all the gorgeous nature she has to share with us and we want to do our best to support the thriving life that existed here long before we came.

As an individual you can carpool, use public transportation, walk or bicycle to your workplace if it is practical and within your budget. And if you do have to drive, try to avoid short car journeys because when the car engine is cold it’s more likely to have higher fuel consumption and CO2 output. Another tip is to try to stay around the speed limit when you do go out because when speeding, there’s more gasoline used to get up to speed and that puts out more CO2. If you need to go long distances, consider trying to take the train to work!

When you think about the food that you consume on the way to work or when you’re at home, try to eat less meat— this would significantly lower carbon levels on the planet and has a side benefit of helping with childhood growth stunting. (WHO, 2020) When buying food for yourself, make an effort and intention to not waste food, so only buy or order online what you know you will use. And we encourage buying from local markets that produce foods seasonally because we know it takes less energy to produce and less miles to ship to the markets.

Of course when at the market, we recommend buying products that come with less packaging and bringing your own shopping bag- reusable bags help save a bag instead of disposing of a harmful plastic bag. Try to avoid buying bottled water and bring your own water bottle instead!

If you can make time for it, try getting out and volunteering in your community to make sure you support opportunities that allow people to recreate with low-impact!

We want to protect the environment not just for the sake of the beautiful earth itself but it also helps our people to live with better air quality and better health, and a push for green solutions will create new jobs for the local economies with a green investment, and we will help lower all of our energy bills, saving us more money over time while investing in a clean future for our children and their children!! We hope to create a sustainable world with help from federal and national programs, and we are so happy to see people like you joining the efforts to create a cleaner and more beautiful world for others.

Happy beginning of July, we are so excited to hear about how you get out there and help others take action for the earth!!

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