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Do you ever get that feeling that you've got so much on your plate to the point where you don't know what is actually the priority anymore? That's where I seem to be at. I want to exercise, spend time outside (preferably hiking), putting more into Taogoi, making lunches for work, preparing to train a new partner for my team and other work things, skin care, cleaning the house, and the list seemingly never ends. I get so caught up in work and I'm burnt out from it. So I'm trying to make myself a priority list.

I typically spend 13-14 hours out of the house 4 days a week for work. Living about 40 mins away is the biggest drawback, and because I despise being stuck in traffic, I leave earlier than I need to, about 20 minutes before my shift starts. I use this time to make my morning coffee and check my personal emails, getting my head ready for a day of training drivers. During the week, while I'm at work, I'll worry about all the work things. But after my work days, I want to have, at minimum, be doing my skincare/selfcare. I'm hoping to start a weekly meal prep with my sister in the next couple weeks, which should help with the taking a lunch goal.

On my 1st day off, I'm usually pretty exhausted from my week. My job is desk work half the time but maintaining a cheerful persona to the trainees and who they work for has been proving to drain my energy in a way I'm not used to. I used to think that I was a social person, but it turns out I prefer the company of a few over many. I've been taking it easier than I'd like, but am learning to embrace just relaxing and not stressing that I am not doing all those things on my list. So first free day is going to be trying to do some yoga and light cleaning/chores along with my selfcare. Some days I'll miss my goals, but that's okay. I'm going for consistency rather than perfection. Trying at least.

Second day off will be for Taogoi and outside time. I have the weekends off and I'm not a fan because all the places I want to go, there are all these people. I don't go outside to be with people, I go for the quiet and that feeling you get when you see the light coming through the leaves in the trees, or the fog rolling into the valleys when you get high enough up. Crowds are a big reason why I don't like going on popular hikes, it sometimes ruins the experience, sometimes it's fine. I'd like to do 2 hikes a week, even if they are really little. It's also content for Taogoi and gives me great inspiration for poetry as well.

Third day off can get complicated. It's Monday, so it's the only day I can get some things done, like going to the chiropractor or post office. I'm happy I get at least one weekday off for things that are closed on the weekends, like dentists and such. This is usually the day I try to really hangout with Kasten, since we both have it off and Sunday is his recovery day from work. So this day spent trying to get done anything I didn't get to and more cleaning/ taking out the trash.

That's my plan at least. Trying to keep it small and simple so I don't continually overwhelm myself with everything I want to accomplish. This is how I plan to deal with the current burnout I have. Looks like it is only a few things a day, which should mean it's very doable. Here's the breakdown:

  • Work Days: Skincare/selfcare

  • 1st Day Off: Relaxing, Yoga/light exercise, and light cleaning/chores

  • 2nd Day Off: Work on Taogoi, go outside/hike, be inspired

  • 3rd Day Off: Finishing up cleaning/trash, appointments, and time with partner

I'm already feeling a bit better after having writing it out. I have to check with my sister and see when we could work on meal planning, but that can wait a bit longer I think.


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