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Officially Published

We did it!! Abby and I have finally got our book out and ready for pre-order! We have been working so hard on this project and are so excited to actually have our book on our hands!!! I definitely cried after my friend got a video of me unboxing the box of books. It's been such an emotional roller coaster this year. I went from having two relationships to being single at the start of this year, I fell down the stairs, passed a kidney stone (I needed morphine to get through that pain), and badly sprained my knee getting to this point.

I just found out the other day that I'm allowed to go hiking, I need to get a compression sleeve to help stabilize the knee for longer periods, but I definitely am excited to be able to get back out there! I have been taking it easy with the knee, focusing more on the book and all the work that goes into that. So I am afraid to say, I'm pretty weak at the moment. So now it's time to train!!

All this good news came in on Abby's birthday, so I was thrilled to hear that while she couldn't be there for my unboxing, knowing they came for on her birthday and all my pictures and the video of unboxing our book helped her have the best birthday yet!!

We are so honored to be able to share all of our harder work with everyone! This has been an incredible experience and we are excited to officially be published!! We are badass women who get our dreams to become reality and are absolutely thrilled to see our project in person for the first time.

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