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Love with Pride

June is pride month and since I’m a queer poet, I thought I’d focus on love! The most important type of love is self love, being able to feel the best of yourself and show it to the world. I’ve definitely gotten lost in having multiple relationships, and being fully single for the first time in eight years, it’s my perfect time to fall in love with myself.

I’ve been particularly proud of my strength in spirit. I want to go outside so badly since I sprained my knee and that passion burns brighter as it creeps closer. I kept my mind busy with reading and writing poetry while I was unable to do my normal duties at work. They stuck me at temp check where I lost patience at doing nothing. For weeks.

I’m learning to love that passionate side too, perhaps I’ll learn to turn it something less abrasive.

Being a queer person, I am an advocate while I hike. I don’t go around shoving my life in peoples faces, but it’s not like relationships never come up, especially when you’re cute. I’ve had to explain about how my relationships worked many times and I have to say, that’s the one nice thing about being single, I don’t have to really think about that. I do what I want, how I want, with whom. Pure freedom and I’ve taken the time to be more by myself.

I don’t think there is any rush to be in a relationship, it’s really important in one’s life to be comfortable alone. I grew up lonely, so my goal is to not feel lonely even when I’m alone. To be able to love myself by myself, no matter what I’ve made it through.

So let this month be about being in love! Bring out every flawed part of you and fall deeper in love with you.


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