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I think it’s fitting that I’m writing my blog post at the end of the day, because I've had such a full day which is a huge motivation in life for me!! I was so engrossed in the moments and ended up being taken away from writing. I trail skated along the Burke Gilman trail today, alongside the swaying trees and reflecting river. After, I took a carpool drive up to Camano island and did a hike with some old coworkers of mine, walking down to the beach and looking for crabs. I then had a sunset potluck with my current work crew and got to practice skateboarding with one of my coworkers. From sunrise to sunset, I like to keep a balance of being on the move and finding stillness within those transitions or periods. I am motivated to find a harmonious life that is playful and brings value to me and my friends.

With this month being about motivation, I will go into how my daily habits are a realization of my reasons for doing and what in life keeps me continuing working as an artist. My main goal as a working artist is to create art that explains the “unseen” truths of life. Just how the microbiome is not visible to the human eye but absolutely exists, I want to show people the peaceful and deep mental states that you can achieve through mindfulness and art immersion. The use of art, music and literature to stimulate and calm the senses is a powerful process, and I’d love to get people closer to that tranquil and comforting place.

I know from experience that to create a work of any type requires time, ideas, the medium and the effort. I want to honor and use all the resources that were given to me, especially my life, my mind, my environment, my friends, and the ideas and visions that I absorb from other creators. I am motivated to learn and keep track of these thoughts and truths whether it be art techniques, skin care routines or mental health tips or the like. I believe that the more that we share what has helped us along our ways, the more of a “pay it forward” effect we’ll have in life and people will be able to access the support they need. A community of people who are educated in spiritual and social health basics is a beautiful vision for me. I would love to see a place where an adult can feel appreciated, comfortable and curious to utilize all the art and education resources made available by people who came before us.

This shows up in my daily habits, where even if I wake up in an off mood, grumpy about current events or feeling the pressure of work, I am aware that if I put effort into my actions like showering, reading, getting outside, burning incense for my senses and yoga. These routines recharge my spirit and my energy and mean I will go out into my environment with at least a slightly better off disposition than I was before, and that “pay it forward” concept plays out and I am more pleasant and joyful with people who in turn take on that emotional state and pass it along through their next interactions.

When I lose motivation, I take a crash course in philosophy and wellness, watching videos on relationships, identity, community, fitness, etc. I need to have the input in order to have the output. So if I see a lack of output in my artistic work, I know it’s time to fire up the internet browser, open a new book, or search out some new playlists. Art and culture is like a never-ending kaleidoscope where your life and interests change according to what your intake is, so I will be sure to tap into the library of humanity when I need motivation for new chapters! And I have come to learn that I need time outdoors in order to feel free and fully alive, so I make sure to get myself to nature every day that I can.

Let me know what you do to stay motivated in the comments!

-Abby Folsom

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