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How to succeed with your community

Happy End of May!! What a month it’s been for us at TAOGOI, we are excitedly awaiting for the book to be created and published!! We can’t wait to share it with this community. This period of time is very stirring and has been causing me to think about the project and my life, from start to finish.

I’ve been curious about what motivates a person to do their life’s work. I used to follow the legacy of role models like Nelson Mandela, MLKJ, Gandhi, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, to name a few. I was amazed how these people were just born into eras that brought them immense struggle, and how they handled their situation brought me great wisdom. I think what I was looking for when I was younger was their mindset and resilience style. Through reading about their responses to the messes that wished to make a difference in, it occurred to me that these leaders made deliberate choices to carry out their vision. These human beings could have stopped their roles at any point, packed in the towel and dealt with the following consequences. I wanted to learn from them how to stay motivated throughout the dips and anguish that life can bring.

I wanted to share a resource that I personally have used, that was created to share inspiration and content related to humanity and information for artists. This page is full of research on the creative process, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, etc. I use it mainly to find quotes from great thinkers and use that to fuel my work. I find that the more I am engaged with people who are “swimming in the deep end” of life, the more my work shows what I’d like to focus on, and the more motivated I am to create because my work is supported by these insights and findings from other creatives.

This website holds the ideas and perspectives taken from artists, scientists, celebrities, and leaders. This excerpt is taken from the About Us section of the website and I hope it gives context as to why you should access it if you are seeking tips for success and motivation.

link to project:


1. Humanity. We consider every human life and human destiny as unconditional, enduring and ultimate value. Any truly experienced event and any act committed by the dictates of truth creative Self is a unique and invaluable contribution to the flow of Creative Сoevolution and to the process of co-creativity. This background is manifested in a special, magical vision at every person, culture and history in general, in a specific view, which highlights and revives only those creative products, events and actions that make a contribution to the improvement of humankind and the entire Universe as a whole. 2. Creativity. Today, the famous phrase “He who owns the information, owns the world” becomes a dangerous illusion, a trap and a brake on development. Today a new, fresh and powerful criterion for the development and success – Creativity gains in strength. The one that intuitively sensed it has mastered and successfully maximizes this resource, reaches unexpectedly high results and dizzying success. In this sense, the genius is the utmost concentrated, pure and free creativity.

Thank you for keeping up with us on our blog posts, and I am so excited to see what projects you are all working on! Please feel compelled to comment or create a social media post to your community and tag @taogoi so we can learn more about what you are up to!

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