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Autumn is here in the PNW!

Well, we have been a little absent for a minute now. Abby and I have been trying to get things storted out with our publishing house, but it has become a painstakingly long process… so I guess you could say we kept to #selfcareseptember standards and have been trying our best to take of ourselves during this stressful process.

Nonetheless! October is here with our fabulous Autumn storms making their way inland. To me, that's what really signifies the fall season is starting here in Western Washington; 500ft tall dark clouds that darken the sky for miles and miles around. Hail making the noises on the roof even louder. There is something so special about cuddling up and watching the storm rage outside…

So, the book has been delayed by a month already, which has given our motivation a run for it’s money. So, recently I’ve putting the poems I’ve written this year onto a document, and that always helps to get me back into getting productive again. Sometimes, I will a find poem that make me go “whoa, I wrote this?”

Yes. Yes I did.

I‘m so proud of myself in all the ways I’ve grown and all the adventures I’m been on so far! Making some memories eternal by writing poetry? Stunning. I turn 27 this month and I'm so excited to see where I go in life now that I'm back to feeling more confident in myself. It's been a crazy couple years and it's nice to be feeling so free to be exactly who I want to be.

I hope all of you have found many things to be proud of this year. After all, we have made it this far!

Our theme is going cozy and comfy while the weather turns to rain this October, so don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

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