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2021 - First Year of Taogoi

This year has been a something else! 2021 has had a lot of ups and downs for Abby and I. Figuring out the publishing world, starting this blog, and running this website... This year was all about new and

thinking about the future I want to work towards. I hope 2022 is full of finding beautiful sights and writing poetry inspired by experiencing the most this world has to offer.

The beginning of this year, I decided to publish this website after I was showing an old friend from back home my idea for this website along with the newest version of the book at that time. He was blown away and encouraged me to take the leap! I started this blog with Abby and we've definitely enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with and creating this amazing place to start culminating a community of people who are looking to heal their wounds with the power and beauty of nature.

One of my favorite things about this year was going on a trip to Mt St Helens. I went with my

now boyfriend (we actually got together there) to this tiny house on the Toutle River. We had

such an amazing time there in this little bit of paradise. It was so incredibly hot, that we ended up hanging out in the river and inside in the AC. To be able to relax in this quiet, peaceful space for a entire two days and then to actually be able to go up to the mountain the morning we were to return was the best! I

have had this special connection to Mt St Helens since 2019, so I was thrilled to be able to go back. If you ever are in Southern Washington, I can't recommend it highly enough, even if it's only a day trip.

As for big moves for myself this year, I bought a new vehicle to have more piece of mind and to give myself more reason to go outside to help me find my balance again. The greenery here in Western Washington is so powerful at calming my mind. I get so stressed out sometimes, that when I finally get outside, my brain feels like it's able to unravel so I can sort out what is actually bothering me, my body even starts to relax those tight spots I have in my jaw and neck. So my goal for next year is do more hiking and camping (provided I don't get injured again). While I have a PCT 2022 Permit, I'm not sure I can actually go...

I've been living back in with my family for little over a year now, and since there has been a substantial shift in my family, I started to help out with the mortgage. My sister is also starting her own business and has been waiting on getting a location for a few months now. She started doing gig work, but there is no clear date range for when she gets to start working with her partners on their business. I'm incredibly proud of her for all that she is doing to get herself in where she wants to be in life. It just makes me feel bad about going on an incredible hike and leaving them with increased rent while I'm gone. It doesn't help that I have a car payment now, and the US inflation rate going up 6%... Not only is everything expensive here in the towns and cities, but the mountain towns I'd be hiking through for my resupplies are going to be more expensive than they already are.

While I've been an advocate that you don't need money to hike, if you want to keep the things that are important to you. While I don't have a ton of stuff, I do really want my Bronco and to have many adventures in it. I decided that 2021 was all about NEW for me. I wanted to become a new version of myself that didn't let myself feel like I wasn't worth it. I am worth everything I desire, and while I might not hike the PCT as a thru hike in 2022, I can always hike the WA sections I haven't hiked yet.

Main goals for 2022; to get this site into something where people who want to be motivated to be a better version than they were before and to hike some miles while I'm at it!


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